Statement of Intent

Space Enterprise at Berkeley (SEB) has provided materials relating to the design, construction, and testing of Eureka-1 ("the rocket") on this website. This information has been provided for the following reasons:

1. Fostering interest and engagement

In our judgement, providing technical details on the Eureka vehicle on this website fosters interest and engagement with SEB from the general public. In addition, we have provided details on our work in the collaborative spirit of PROJECT KARMAN (discussed elsewhere on this website).

2. Sponsor Relations

Various sponsors and backers of SEB have expressed a desire to see the most recent work produced by the organization. The materials on this website are included, in part, to provide updates on the status of Eureka for our backers.

3. Pride and Joy

We are immensely proud of our work on the Eureka vehicle, and we wish to share our happiness with others who might visit this website.  Many team members have worked for untold hours and made significant sacrifices to create the designs you see on this website.

Copyright & Usage Rights

All intellectual property associated with the Eureka-1 vehicle is the property of Space Enterprise at Berkeley, the University of California, Berkeley, or other relevant parties. Space Enterprise at Berkeley holds the exclusive right to build, modify, or otherwise make use of the designs presented on this website.

Eureka-1 is NOT an open-source vehicle. It is the exclusive property of Space Enterprise at Berkeley.  If you wish to make use of any materials found on this site, please contact Space Enterprise at Berkeley through the contact forms located on this website.

Arms Control Regulations

Many of the technologies and systems in Eureka have potential application to export-controlled fields. In our determination, none of the materials included on this website contain information controlled by ITAR or other applicable US or international laws. The Eureka vehicle lacks the impulse, payload capacity, range, and guidance to be used as a weapon.

If you are a law enforcement official and believe that certain materials on this site include controlled information, please contact Space Enterprise at Berkeley immediately. We will happily comply with any and all applicable laws and regulations.

Release of Liability

The designs presented on this site contain purposeful OMISSIONS, MODIFICATIONS, and ERRORS. If you attempt to replicate, reverse-engineer, or otherwise utilize the designs presented on this website for your own purposes, you will likely sustain severe bodily injury and financial loss. DO NOT BUILD WHAT YOU SEE

Space Enterprise at Berkeley provides the materials on this website for entertainment and informational purposes only. We do not make any assertions, warranties, or guarantees regarding the safety, efficacy, usability, or accuracy of information provided here.