A rocket team with a dream!

Co-founded in October 2016, Space Enterprise at Berkeley (SEB) is a student run liquid-fuel rocket team dedicated to achieving spaceflight and developing rocket technologies at University of California, Berkeley.

Despite being relatively young, SEB is one of the most ambitious college rocket teams in the world working towards achieving spaceflight with a liquid-fueled rocket. Working toward this dream, SEB launched multiple test-bed rockets and gained a wide array of technical knowledge and skill in rocket subsystems such as composite airframe manufacturing, in-flight data acquisition, and propulsion.

Aside from the rocket projects, SEB takes pride in our inclusive, diverse, and friendly team culture. SEB is one of the few student organizations on campus that maintains open admission policies for interested students. This involves not screening students by resumes, majors, or specific engineering-related experiences. SEB firmly believes that these elements are not as important to becoming a contributing member of the team as pure commitment and willingness to learn new skills and have fun! The team’s pattern of also mentoring newcomers and turning them into team veterans helps to keep the organization constantly growing as a rocket team and close friends!

LAD-2 v1 Flight Clean.png