Co-Founders' Message

Currently both government and private sectors around the world are showing growing interests in space ventures. With the continuing success of reusable rockets to plans on colonizing Mars within the next decade, equipping the next generation of pioneers with the necessary skills to thrive in the space industry has never been more important. Globally, universities have opened up programs to respond to the exciting changing times. 

However, currently at UC Berkeley that is not the case. Our school has a large population of students, not just in the sciences and engineering, who are very interested in space but have no clear way of getting involved on-campus due to the lack of endorsed space programs.

So to open up more opportunities for students from all kinds of backgrounds, we started Space Enterprise at Berkeley (SEB)! 

We structured SEB to comprise of 5 project teams (propulsion, policy, medicine, environment, and technology) to work on projects that address a wide variety of relevant issues in space. By doing so we are not only able to get students from various majors involved but also now able to tackle problems in the industry more effectively by using a collaborative approach. 

To ensure the sustainability of the program, our long-term goal is to ultimately receive university endorsement. And so, we have placed much emphasis on creating SEB's lasting corporate relations, designated workplace on-campus, and network of professionals/faculty that can help mentor students into the space industry.

We really believe in the impact the students on campus can make. Though our mission currently involves starting with UC Berkeley students, we hope to expand and help grow similar programs in other universities with similar situations. Because at the end of it all, it’s not particularly the school we are focusing on but rather the larger vision of preparing the future pioneers of space. Roar & Soar! 

- Paul H. Shin & Victor M. Garza