From the smallest bolt to an entire subsystem, discover the systems and technologies that will deliver Eureka higher than any college rocket before it


The Interactive Tour:

Use the interactive 3D Viewer to the left to explore the structure, subsystems, and design of the EUREKA-1 vehicle.  You'll have access to every single part of the rocket*, from the engine all the way down to the bolts that hold skin panels to the rocket's internal structure.

To get the most of your experience, we highly recommend reading a little bit about how rockets work. This knowledge will you help you understand what each component of the rocket does and why it is included.



Tips & Tricks:

-Open the Component Menu by clicking on the black box in the top-left corner. This will help you navigate between various rocket subsystems

-Make use of the various views and options! Section Analysis will let you see a cut-away view of the vehicle, revealing internal detail on many parts

-Recognize that some components have been excluded, modified, or otherwise altered to comply with international arms control regulations.