Fall 2017 Project

Idea: The Technology Team will focus on two separate sectors of technology—space technology, and web technology. The team will work to construct electronic, circuits, monitoring systems, and other components of space technology to assist the other project teams such as Propulsion, Medicine, Policy, and Environment. In addition, the technology team will take initiative to train members in web design, HTML, and other web technologies to work with the marketing team improve the organization’s website and overall professional image.

Significance: Adding various monitoring units and sensors to rockets and other forms of space technology allows for useful data to be collected. This data can be used to further our understanding of how the rockets perform and allow us to find areas to improve or issues to fix. In addition to this, these monitoring systems allow for real-time adjustments to be made automatically in case of a complication or if delicate procedures need to be made.

Proof of Concept: Most, if not all, modern rockets employ a large variety of sensors to monitor and control the rockets. Rocketry is a convoluted web of procedures and control systems help limit and contain this complexity in order to create a better product. Many of the basics sensors already exist and it will be the Technology Team’s job to combine these in a cohesive manner that improves the final product.



Technology Team Project Lead

To be announced...