While some parts of Eureka-1 require specialized manufacturing processes outside the capabilities of UC Berkeley's machine shops, a large fraction of Eureka-1's components can be produced by students. SEB Fabrication Division produces these parts from ISO-Standard design documents and coordinates closely with Design and Testing to ensure that produced parts match designs and perform to specification. The Fabrication Division also conducts final assembly of Eureka-1.

SEB Fabrication is open to students of all backgrounds, but prior experience with fabrication and a background in STEM are preferred.



The construction and launch of Eureka-1 requires a tremendous amount of planning and coordination. From ordering specialized parts from contractors to shipping Eureka-1 to its New Mexico launch site, SEB Logistics coordinates the construction, launch, flight, and recovery of Eureka-1.  From ensuring that our Nitrous Oxide fuel arrives at the proper temperature to writing the pre-launch checklist, the Logistics Division is involved at every step along the way.

The Logistics Division is open to students of all backgrounds. 



While Eureka-1 is designed to be one of the safest vehicles ever created, the inherent risks of high-energy propellants, high speeds, extreme temperatures, and the massive size of Eureka-1 necessitates a team dedicated to ensuring that all phases of vehicle development, fabrication, testing, and flight occur safely. SEB Safety coordinates closely with relevant authorities, industry experts, and the rest of SEB to develop practical standards and practices to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The Safety Division is open to students of all backgrounds, but students with strong STEM backgrounds (particularly in Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering) are preferred.



"Anyone who sits on top of the largest hydrogen-oxygen fueled system in the world; knowing they're going to light the bottom — and doesn't get a little worried — does not fully understand the situation" 

  — John Young: Commander, Apollo 16

SEB Testing division works to alleviate some of that worry by rigorously evaluating every component of Eureka-1 prior to flight. Through a combination of tolerancing evaluations, partial, full, and destructive tests, SEB Testing ensures that every component on the vehicle performs exactly as expected come launch day.

The Testing Division is primarily composed of Engineers, but students of all backgrounds are welcome provided they develop a detailed understanding of Eureka-1's systems.