Our mission is out of this world


Formally, our organization’s mission is to drastically reduce the cost of access to space for student projects through two methods: individual launches and ride-sharing partnerships.

But in short, we just send things into space. 

In service of this mission, we are working towards becoming the first undergraduate team in history to fund, build, and launch a rocket that surpasses the 100-km altitude "Karman Line", the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space. Hence, we titled our initiative as PROJECT KARMAN. The liquid fuel space-shot rocket we are developing is called EUREKA-1. The name EUREKA was chosen to pay homage to California and express the new chapter of space development that will open among the next generations.

Using the technologies and skills obtained from PROJECT KARMAN, we plan to eventually launch research payloads into suborbital flight with our own launch vehicles on an annual basis. The success of this initiative would not only mean a historical feat for University of California, Berkeley students but also demonstrate the capabilities and reignited drive into space among the youth. 

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Paul H. Shin

Chief Executive Officer