Our culture

Inclusivity is more than a buzzword


Space Enterprise at Berkeley thrives because of our unique approach to recruitment, teamwork, and organizational cohesion. Coupled with our commitment to technical excellence is a pervasive philosophy: we want to give people a chance. Many other technical organizations, especially at the college level, view their membership as an elite group, and view membership as the ultimate "you've made it".

That's nonsense.

SEB believes firmly that dedication and hard work are the most important qualities in any individual working in a team, and as such, we pride ourselves on a lack of formal titles, a flexible leadership structure that adapts to circumstance and refuses to privilege technical over non-technical, number of years over raw talent, etc.

The overall branch divisions allow for tight accountability, respect, and community for everyone involved. No matter the team or task, every member in SEB is able to directly contribute significant progress to our mission success. 

CONCLUSION: At the end of the day, launching a rocket into space is seriously much more than just engineering and science. Ask anyone from SEB and you will get the same response: "We're different!"



Chief Operations Officer

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