When dealing with a quarter million dollar project, efficient financing skills are crucial in channeling funds on time into organization development activities. With that in mind the Finance Team focuses on making sure all organization funding is properly allocated across all branches and teams. The team  specializes in communicating with our fiscal agents, creating allocation timelines, and formulating industry standard finance spread sheets. With a good eye for organization, the Finance Team makes all our fiscal operations fluid avoiding internal delays and complications that would otherwise negatively affect mission success. 

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legal services

Even if we have a space shot rocket fully funded, designed, and built, it's not going anywhere without the proper legal authorizations. Our Legal Services team coordinates with relevant authorities in the FAA, US State Department, local governments, and other organizations to ensure that our operations stay legal, safe, and ethical. Thanks to the efforts of our Legal Services team, SEB is in the process of gaining an FAA Class-3 Launch Authorization Permit, an educational waiver for ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation), and approval to conduct static engine tests in Richmond, California.



Everything we do is centered on our global vision. However to truly make SEB an organization not contained to but UC Berkeley but one that has international impact we need marketing. As such acting as the "face" of SEB, our Marketing Team is responsible for spreading the mission and brand of Space Enterprise at Berkeley to the world. By utilizing strategic marketing campaigns that combine carefully crafted design aesthetics with clear understandable content, the Marketing Team is able to maximize public awareness. The team works closely with our Platinum Sponsors professional design firm, Stay Studio, and non-profit National Space Society to create powerful marketing assets and platforms to communicate our global initiatives. 



If we characterize the Marketing Team as the "face", the Outreach Team would be the "hands" of our organization. Utilizing the assets that the Marketing Team creates, the Outreach Team focuses on developing SEB's close relationships with the public and sponsors. With refined skills of networking, presentation, and communication, the Outreach Team takes charge of all public/sponsor events and activities. Such efforts bring our organization connected with with the brightest minds and best talent among the UC Berkeley student body, university faculty and staff, and corporate sponsors both local and global.